Basically, I like anything that has to do with brain power. I love to tackle any challenge that doesn't involve physical activity and has no consequence(s) (just in case I fail). With that description, it kind of shows why I like games. Though, don't get me wrong with the not liking to fail part, I do also like taking risk and learning from them. But anyways, here are some categories of games and what game I play within those categories:

  1. Card games
    • 13 or Tiến Lên in Vietnamese
    • Blackjack
    • UNO
    • Card Against Humanity
  2. Video games
    • Any open world game
    • Any Naruto game
    • Console
    • PC
  3. Board games
    • Sorry
    • Monopoly
    • Chess
    • Trouble


There is 3 art related activity I do that I love very much.

For those who do not know what origami is, it is that art of folding paper. One may think, "What? just folding paper, I can do that." Well this may be true, origami is not just about folding paper, origami is folding paper to give it a shape of something else. Some examples are making a swan, crab, rocketships, and much much more.

Yes, I played instruments. Though it may be only during highschool that I played but those two years was the most fun I had in that school. The only set back to me continuing is money. Unlike what I said early how if I work hard enough I will get what I want, me getting my own instrument is highly unlikely. The instruments that I play (double bass and bassoon) cost roughly $800 to $5000. My part time job does not pay me enough money to afford it.

Three words, Life is hard. There are time when people just want to escape from reality and be in their own world, and how I do that is putting together model kits. As I mentioned earlier, I am a "Man Child" and I love robots. With that in mind doesn't it make sense that I like to put together Gundam model kits. Again for those who do not know what Gundam is, it is a japanese science fiction media franchise that feature giant robots witht the name Gundam. Building these not only relax my mind but also gives me hope that if they can make scale models of the robot it shouldn't be long until they can make one in real life.